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Protection Insurance

An introduction to… protection insurance (free download!)

In times of financial uncertainty, protection insurance is too often seen as an unnecessary expense, an outgoing that is simply adding to your financial burden rather than alleviating it. The fact is that this attitude does so much more harm than good, increasing people’s exposure to negative financial outcomes just when they need protection the most.

At Life Financial Solutions, we see it as part of our job to inform and educate people about key financial topics so that they can make informed, sensible decisions based on all the facts.

That’s where our comprehensive introduction to Protection Insurance comes in.

In this in-depth guide, we’ll take you through a wide range of business and personal protection insurance products, explaining how they work and the cover they provide.

From business protection products such as key person and shareholder protection insurance, to personal life and critical illness cover, we’ve got you – well, covered!


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